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Woodview Dental PracticeWoodview Dental Practice
3 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Joanna EbsworthJoanna Ebsworth

Took my child in as an emergency as he had a broken tooth and was warned it could be up to a 4 hour wait. Receptionist was very helpful and friendly. Dentist explained clearly everything she was doing and made sure he wasn't feeling anxious. All round fantastic service.

D VickersD Vickers

A good reliable dentist for over 20 years..

Jul esJul es

Only interested in money, not patient care!! You should be rewarded for not going to the dentists not penalised! - as you are looking after your teeth well!! I pay HUNDREDS of pounds in NI every month and they wanted me to pay private rates as I had not been for a check up with them in last 2 years! What pathetic rules! I deserve NHS treatment when I need it - more than most I would say. Change the 'rules' and actually care about your patients needs! Receptionist robot was uncaring, unconcerned and inflexible. Disgusting!!

andy birdandy bird

Very poor service. Turned up with my children at 9 for our appointments to be told that the dentist phoned in sick. This is the 3rd time my daughter's appointment would be cancelled but because she is in pain they said she can have a emergency appointment but we will have to wait up to 4 hours.

Glynis TaylorGlynis Taylor

Dentist Maria absolutely brilliant. I can't fault her. So sad I can't say same for reception staff.

Shelley WilkinsShelley Wilkins

I have always been happy with this Practice but today my husband was 2 minutes late and his dentist refused to see him. He stood arguing but there was no moving her. I rang to complain and they said they would get the acting Practice manager to ring me back. Finally 5 hours later I rang again and by then they had decided he had been 8 minutes late. Its funny how when he looked at his watch and said "2 minutes" they didn't correct him and when I rang this morning and said that I work in a GP surgery, I know you have to have rules but 2 mins is ridiculous they didn't correct me either but all of a sudden this afternoon he was 8 minutes late. If he had been I would have understood and so would he, but no way was he 8 mins late. Whats really hacked him off, is that he always has the 8.30am appt, and most times he is stood outside at 8.30 waiting for them to open up. Nothing to be done though, no Practice Manager, and dentist word is final apparently And when I rang to complain I was kept waiting for the usual "can you hold the line please' for 10 minutes. Again I understand they are busy but doesnt it work both ways?

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Maria TennantMaria Tennant

We have just moved to Woodview and my daughter received excellent care from Marie Glavin. She put her at ease and as a result our trip for a filling was not stressful at all! Reception staff were really helpful and flexible too- thank you.

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Mayte Mínguez RodríguezMayte Mínguez Rodríguez
Guillermo Beltrán SeghersGuillermo Beltrán Seghers
Laura Bat MonLaura Bat Mon
Sandra HickmanSandra Hickman
Aaron BryantAaron Bryant
Casey-leigh MooreCasey-leigh Moore
Ian MatthewsIan Matthews

Although I think the actual dentists themselves are great, the reception staff need to look up the definition of Customer Service. I was not impressed with being offered £19.40 change in silver AND being told that I could not have a Friday morning appointment in 6 months time. I am sure that there are plenty of other dental practices that will be happy to take my money and will actually provide customer service and not attitude. NOT IMPRESSED in the slightest!!

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